Will A Skunk Nest Under A Shed Or Porch?

Skunks can be timid creatures with a mystical background. Unfortunately, that makes them no less dangerous. Skunks carry many diseases that pose a health risk to your family and pets.

Add to that the property damage possible and they are simply unwanted pests. People don’t come across skunks all the time. Their habits and the tell-tale signs of their presence aren’t always common knowledge.

Where Skunks Nest

Skunks have long, sharp claws on their front paws that are effective for digging. In fact, skunks dig quite a bit. They dig into the ground to find their food and to dig burrows. Skunks will dig their own burrows and they will live in the abandoned dens of other animals.

In the wild, skunks will dig burrows under rock piles, wood piles and even hollow logs. A skunk’s burrow typically ahs many chambers to allow for escape from predators. Otherwise, these burrows are used for resting and raising young.

As the population grows, skunks are finding their ways into neighborhoods. It is not uncommon to find a skunk den under a porch or shed. Skunks will also burrow under concrete foundations if there is an available food source nearby.

Signs of a Skunk

Determining the presence of a skunk isn’t difficult but it can be confusing. This is because there are also other animals that may use the dens if the skunks aren’t present. Holes that are dug by skunks are typically almost perfectly round. They are also surrounded by fresh dirt.

Since skunks dig to find food, you’ll find more than just one hole. Even if the skunk has burrowed under a porch or shed, you’ll find evidence elsewhere in the yard. This is because they will also come out at night and dig for food in other areas of the yard.

Another dead give-away that you may have a skunk will be the odor. Skunks have a musty odor that follows them, even when they aren’t defending themselves. It is strong and unmistakable. If you smell the pungent odor and see the holes, then you’ve probably got a skunk living somewhere nearby.

What To Do

While skunks typically try to avoid human contact, they can become quite aggressive if threatened. They will also spray that terrible scent that is difficult to get rid of. If you think you may have a skunk, the best thing to do is call a professional.

Pest control companies are typically not equipped to handle creatures like skunks. It is best to contact a ranger or wildlife management team. Even if they can’t remove the animal themselves, they can put you in touch with someone who can do it safely.

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